I created bridal packages. Why? Whether you'd like to receive every indulgence (a la Miss Carter) or are just in need of the basics (all hail Alicia Keys) each package is customized. You pay for exactly what you need and nothing more. My goal is ensure your beauty needs are completely taken care of.

Scroll below to find your muse below to learn what's included.


the alicia package

No need for extras. This package has no frills just like Miss Alicia's new beauty regimen. You'll feel like the most polished version of yourself with a customized combination of cream and airbrush foundation (insider #beautytip to flawless complexion all night). Want to feel ten pounds skinnier? We'll can contour a bit. Want lashes for days? We have five styles to choose from. We'll also leave you with a touch up kit to use throughout the day.

the adele package

You might feel some jitters or stress just like Miss Adele does before a big performance. (Seriously, she has some major stage fright.) Let's ensure you feel revived, polished and pampered. You'll receive: 30 day red carpet ready vitamin regime, moisturizing lip balm, a face lift in a bag, and use of instant cameras in the bridal suite. Why? Because you, like Adele, would prefer to hang out and celebrate with your friends. Even until the wee hours of the night.  


the beyonce package

You're not a diva. But you know what? You deserve to feel every bit as #flawless as Beyonce does on this day. This package ensures you'll feel like a celebrity with your very own stylist to pay attention to every last detail. Does your hair need to be repinned? Does your gown need to be bustled? Did your Dad make you lose it during the ceremony? I'll be the fly on the wall to notice all the details from head to train to help ensure your photos are flawless.

Wait, Jac. Where is the pricing?

Pricing is upon request. I promise it will be affordable and you'll receive it quickly! Visit the contact page to complete the inquiry form.

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