Why do I have to email you for a price list?

I know. Everyone else has just sent you their price list. But believe me, hiring an artist to be in the bridal suite and host your guests is more than a price comparison. Personality counts too. I've been in bridal parties when the hair & makeup team ruin the good vibes in the room. Getting to know each other a bit allows me to help select a package best fit for you! I promise it will make this process all the more enjoyable for you and your guests.


What does "LET'S FRANCK" mean?

Ask this guy. But seriously. You've seen Father Of The Bride, right? To receive access to this page, you'll need to complete an inquiry first.


My mother is super nervous about having her make up done. 

This day is just has important for her as it is for you and something that she has likely been thinking about since her wedding day. The variety of products I carry in my kit allow me to address the needs of each client and their skin type. Read my reviews for more info!


Do you do hair?

Pricing includes services for makeup. We have great recommendations and are happy to put you in touch with talented stylists depending on your desired look.


What's on your bucket list?

Contact me for the list of places, gowns and types of weddings I'd love to feature in my portfolio! (i.e. travel to Iceland, bride wearing Catherine Deane, ceremony on a mountain cliff) Discounted packages to any couples that would like to bring me with them to any of these places! I am a total wanderlust and travel is what make my heart beat hardest. If your dream wedding day matches up, lets make it happen! 


What is your minimum?

Let's discuss the logistics of your wedding first to better understand your needs. Contact me to see if you meet the bucket list requirements!


Do you charge a travel fee?

I'd rather you pay for additional services instead of tacking on a travel fee. Ideally if I'm traveling outside the city limits, everyone in your bridal party will pay to have their makeup done. This is best for us both. Your maids look their best and I'll be able to easily feature photographs on my website! 


Why aren't there more photos. Are you new to this?

Remember? I believe in simplicity. Less is more. The best way to see more photos is to visit Instagram or Facebook. If you like what you see, I guarantee you'll be pleased.

But since you've asked, my first bride was my sister in 2011. She is still my harshest critic. I fought tooth and nail about her wearing lashes and to date it is my greatest accomplishment. It took my brother-in-law ten minutes to ask, "Wait, are you wearing false eyelashes?" That's how flawless she looked. You can too.


What kind of products do you use? 

Brushes by ESUM are ethnically crafted and responsibly sourced.

Moisturizers by EMBRYOLISSE coveted b makeup artists, skin care professionals, models and actors. Made with simplicity to minimize potential allergens and irritants. All products are paraben free and are never tested on animals.

Foundations by KETT COSMETICS are widely used in the industry for film, print, and runway. They are a leading innovator amid the demanding changes in technology specializing in airbrush makeup.

LASHES IN A BOX provides quality handmade false lashes with extremely flexible lash bands conform to any eye shape. Lashes are all hand tied with the unique technique called “crisscross layering” to ensure flexibility. Lashes are made from sterilized premium human hair or cruelty-free synthetic blends. Each lash is created with extra width allowing length to trim for a custom fit. 

VISEART integrates natural and organic resources in the production of their cosmetics. Lip colors & eyeshadows have strong pigmentation for long lasting makeup hand pressed from France.

JAPONESQUE products were inspired by the professional makeup tools used in Kabuki theater in Japan. Created by experts with over 25 years of industry excellence, Japonesque is runway beauty for the world’s most discerning make-up enthusiasts. 


Can I hire you for an event besides a wedding?

Of course! Email me directly to book an application.


What other services do you offer?

I've been know to be a "Jac" of all trades. If you are in need, let's chat.


More questions? 

Let's discuss it together! Visit our contact page.