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the beyonce package

starts at $1065

Includes a makeup preview and makeup services for the bride and maximum three guests. Perks from Alicia & Adele packages. Additional guests and can be added upon request. Hair recommendations provided upon request.


Stylist on duty

Some tasks I'm happy to help with:

  • Putting your gown on without ruining your makeup or hair

  • Buttoning those pesky buttons in a breeze

  • Popping your veil in and out without ruining your 'do during your portrait sessions

  • Attaching the guys boutonnieres'

  • Helping your maids tie their sashes in perfect bows

  • Running your Grandmother's corsage to her in room 410

  • Fluffing your train.

Touchups for all

If you're a crier (like me!) I'm sure your the moment you see your Dad or groom will cause a few tears to drop. I'll be there for touchups right before or after the ceremony for you and your maids. Just like Beyonce's people would do.